Do Peace Lilies Attract Mosquitoes? 7 Easy Tips To Keep Them Away


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There is a myth that Peace lilies attract mosquitoes. What do you think? Is it true or false? 

Let’s find the absolute truth. Do peace lilies attract mosquitoes?

Do Peace Lilies Attract Mosquitoes

If peace lilies are used as repellent for mosquitoes, then why does it say that they attract mosquitos? 

I will explore the myth in this article. So keep an open eye to know the absolute truth. 

Here The Answer:

Well, it’s totally a misunderstanding. Peace lilies never attract mosquitos. Even many people use peace lilies as a natural mosquito repellent.

Do Peace Lilies Attract Mosquitoes?

Naturally, peace lilies grow in the wild. And, Peace lilies are good house plants that are very popular all over the world. People like this plant to decorate their rooms with their glossy green leaves and elegant white flowers. 

They are not famous just for spreading their beauty. They have some particular health benefits, too. They are excellent natural air purifiers. 

Do Peace Lilies Attract Mosquitoes

Despite having such good qualities, some people dislike peace lilies for their attraction to mosquitos. 

But it’s a totally wrong idea. Peace lilies do not attract mosquitoes. 

However, peace lilies can indirectly attract mosquitos. But how can they do it? 

Actually, it’s not their fault. If you overwatered your peace lily plant, then the water is allowed to pool around the base of the plant. This stagnant water creates a breeding ground for mosquitoes. 

Mosquitoes lay their eggs in this water. After that, they lead to an increase in their population in the surrounding area. 

So, it’s your misunderstanding that you think peace lilies attract mosquitoes. In reality, stagnant water in the pot or container is responsible for mosquitos at home, not Peace Lily plants. Let’s talk about the attraction of peace lilies for flies and gnats.

Do peace lilies attract flies?

 As I said before, like mosquitos, peace lilies are not known to attract flies. But if you use too much organic matter in the soil, then flies can be attracted to them. They can breed and feed on that soil. 

Do peace lilies attract gnats?

Gnats are tiny flying insects. These flies feed on the roots of indoor plants and can damage their health. Peace lilies do not mainly attract gnats. But soggy soil with organic matter is a suitable environment for fungus gnats. 

Why Do People Think Peace Lilies Attract Mosquitoes?

Some people mistakenly believe that peace lilies attract mosquitos. There are several reasons for this saying. 

One of the primary reasons is simple misunderstanding of the situation. If you see mosquitos near the peace lilies, it doesn’t mean peace lilies attract them.

Why Do People Think Peace Lilies Attract Mosquitoes


Stagnant water around the base of the peace lily plant is the leading cause of mosquitos. But they assume that the plant is attracting mosquitos. 

If you overwater your peace lily plant and there are no drainage holes, then mosquitos may start to breed and multiply in the standing water. In a few days, it will cause an infestation that can be difficult to control.

Another reason for thinking that peace lilies attract mosquitos is their ability to purify air. Some people believe that as Peace Lily purifies the air, they must also attract mosquitos. But it’s their misconception. 

On the contrary, you can use peace lilies as a repellent for mosquitoes. They also can purify the air of your room by removing harmful toxins.

Do Peace Lilies Have Any Mosquito-Repelling Properties? 

The direct answer is yes; peace lilies do have mosquito-repelling properties. 

Peace lilies are known not only for their beauty but also for their ability to purify the air. They can also absorb harmful toxins such as formaldehyde, benzene, carbon dioxides, and carbon monoxide from the air. 

So, do lilies repel mosquitoes?

There are differences between lily and peace lily. Lilies do not repel mosquitoes. In fact, some types of lilies, like water lilies, can attract mosquitoes by providing them with breeding in stagnant water. 

But peace lily’s leaves and flowers release an aroma that can repel mosquitoes. You can’t notice the smell, but it can keep mosquitoes away from the room.

Peace lilies have a unique quality of producing oxygen at night. It makes them a perfect plant for bedroom decor. Also, they are an excellent natural alternative to chemical mosquito repellents.

They can also thrive in low maintenance, and it makes them an ideal choice for indoor decoration. Though it’s not totally safe for humans and pets. Also, peace lilies are poisonous to birds.

On the other hand, if your pot always has damp soil and is stuck with water or any area of your home has standing water, then mosquitoes can still breed and multiply. To avoid mosquito populations, it’s essential to keep your surroundings clean and dry. 

Note: While peace lilies can repel mosquitos, they are not a foolproof solution to mosquito infestation.

What Plants Attract The Most Mosquitoes?

What Plants Attract The Most Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are a harmful nuisance to humans, especially during the summer season. They are attracted to various things, such as body heat, carbon dioxide, and certain scents. However, did you know that some plants can also attract mosquitoes?


This is one of the most well-known plants that can attract mosquitoes. Geranium is a flowering plant. They are often used to decorate gardens. The Flowers of this plant produce a scent that mosquitoes find very attractive.

Another plant that attracts mosquitoes is the Lemon Balm. This plant creates a lemony scent that can also attract mosquitoes and makes it a popular choice for them. If you have these plants at your home, you are likely to attract more mosquitoes. 

Catnip plants can also attract mosquitoes. In fact, the scent of Catnip is said to be ten times more effective than DEET, which is a common ingredient in mosquito repellents.

Mosquitoes also like water lilies, water hyacinths, water lettuce, Taro, or papyrus. They can make a suitable environment for their breeding. 

Lastly, if you want to reduce the number of mosquitoes, you should avoid planting these plants or place them far from where you live. And don’t grow peace lily in the aquarium.

How To Stop Mosquitos Away From Those Plants?

Mosquito bites can transmit diseases such as malaria, dengue fever, chikungunya, etc. It’s necessary to prevent them. 

There are several ways to stop mosquitoes away from those plants. You can take some initiatives to keep out: 

  1. Use Mosquito-Repellent Plants: Some plants have natural mosquito-repelling properties, such as peace lily, citronella, lavender, marigolds, basil, Catnip, and mint. Planting them around those plants. 
  1. Remove Standing Water: Mosquitoes breed in standing plant water. So, eliminate any stagnant water. Carefully water those plants so that there is no stagnant water. 
  1. Maintain Your Garden: Regularly trim and maintain your garden to eliminate areas where mosquitoes may rest or breed.
  1. Use Mosquito Nets: You can use a mosquito net to cover those plants. It will help to keep them away. 
  1. Use Mosquito Repellents: You should apply insect repellent, especially during peak mosquito activity times. You can use a repellent containing DEET, picaridin, or oil of lemon eucalyptus for adequate protection.
  1. Citronella Candles or Oil: Citronella is also used for its mosquito-repelling properties. You can use citronella candles or oil lamps surrounding those plants.
  1. Use insecticidal soap: You can use insecticidal soap on the plant. It keeps bugs away from them. 

Another way to keep mosquitoes away from those plants is mosquito coils and spray. 

What To Do If Your Plant Attracts Mosquitoes?

Some plants can attract mosquitoes. If your plants attract mosquitoes, then you can take a few steps to help reduce their presence: 


You have to proper care for your plant to remove any standing water in the area, as this is where mosquitoes lay their eggs.


It would help if you considered planting mosquito-repelling plants like Peace Lily, citronella, or lavender. 


You can use a natural mosquito repellent spray that is made from essential oils. It can help to remove mosquitoes. 


Consider using mosquito netting or screens to keep the mosquitoes away from your plants.

You don’t need to worry if your plants attract mosquitoes. By following these easy steps, you can solve this problem. 

 What Is The Best Indoor Plant To Keep Mosquitoes Away?

Some plants attract mosquitoes, and some are known to repel mosquitos. Some of the best indoor plants that can keep mosquitoes away are citronella, basil, lavender, peppermint, and rosemary. 

 What Is The Best Indoor Plant To Keep Mosquitoes Away

All of these plants can emit scents that are unpleasant to mosquitos. 

Additionally, plants like marigolds and lemon balm can also be effective at deterring mosquitoes. Rosemary has a fragrant aroma that mosquitoes tend to avoid.

These potted plants can remove mosquitoes from your living. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can Peace Lilies Be Kept Indoors Without Attracting Mosquitoes?

Yes, peace lilies can be kept indoors without attracting mosquitoes. Generally, mosquitoes are attracted to standing water. If you don’t overwater your peace lily and keep any excess water drained, you shouldn’t have a problem with mosquitoes. 

Why Are There Flies Around My Peace Lily?

There are some reasons why you’re seeing flies around your peace lily. One of the most common reasons is the soil is too moist, which can attract flies. 

Can I Keep Peace Lilies In My Bedroom Without Worrying About Mosquitoes?

Yes, you can Keep Peace Lilies In your Bedroom Without Worrying About Mosquitoes. They are excellent natural mosquito repellent. Additionally, it can help purify the air in your home. 

Do Peace Lilies Have Any Benefits Besides Aesthetics?

Yes, peace lilies have several benefits besides aesthetics. They have air-purifying qualities, as they can remove harmful toxins like benzene, formaldehyde, and carbon monoxide from the air. 

Final Thoughts

It’s a myth that Peace Lilies attract mosquitos. But the fact is the opposite. Peace lilies can be an excellent natural repellent of peace lilies. 

Their flower emits a scent that mosquitoes can’t tolerate. 

If you overwater your plants and they create a saturated situation, then mosquitoes can breed and feed there. 

However, several plants can attract mosquitoes. By taking some initiative, you can keep mosquitoes away from those plants.

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