How Far Apart Do You Plant Peace Lilies? Follow These Guidelines


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It’s crucial to keep some distance among your peace lily plants. Because they need some space to grow well. If you are a peace lily planter, you also should maintain this distance. 

But the query is how far apart do you plant peace lilies?

How Far Apart Do You Plant Peace Lilies

How Far Apart Peace Lilies

When planting peace lilies, you should space them about 2-3 feet apart. This spacing allows for optimal air circulation and prevents overcrowding, promoting healthier and more vibrant peace lily plants in your garden or indoor space.

What if you don’t keep space between your peace lily plants? 

In this article, you will get the answer. And also you can decide on how far you should apart your peace lily plant.

So, read the full article and enjoy the proper beauty of your healthy peace lily plant.

Main points

  • you should space them about 2-3 feet apart.
  • If you plant peace lilies crowded, you can encounter some problems with your plant’s health and growth. 
  • How far you should plant peace lilies depends on mainly 3 factors

What If I Plant Peace Lily Crowared?

Peace lilies are very popular houseplants. These tropical plants are famous for their beautiful green leaves and white flowers. You can grow peace lily from roots. 

To keep your peace lily plants healthy and elegant, you should keep some distance between your plants. 

It allows them to get proper nutrients from the soil and also roots can freely spread surrounding the plants. It helps to make your peace lily leaves darker. 

While peace lilies like to be slightly crowded, too much crowded is harmful to their overall growth. 

If you plant peace lilies crowded, you can encounter some problems with your plant’s health and growth. 

What If I Plant Peace Lily Crowared

Let’s see some key problems of overcrowded peace lilies: 

  • Limited Resources: If you plant peace lilies too close together, they can lead to competition for resources such as sunlight, water, and nutrients. This can cause stunted growth of your peace lily.
  • Sunlight Deprivation: When planted closely together, your peace lilies can shade each other. It hinders their ability to receive adequate sunlight. Insufficient light can hamper the photosynthesis of your plant.
  • Increased Disease Risk: Crowded conditions of your plants can encourage the spread of diseases and pests.
  • Root Congestion: Peace Lilies have fibrous root systems. If you plant them too closely, then it can lead to root congestion. This impedes proper root development and makes the plants more susceptible to stress.
  • Watering Challenges: Your overcrowded plants can complicate watering efforts. Some plants might receive excess water, while others may experience drought conditions. Water your plants when the top inch of soil feels dry. 

Spacing Peace Lilies appropriately is crucial for their optimal growth and health. To avoid this problem, you can repot your plant. You can also divide your peace lily into smaller plants by slicing through the root ball. 

How Far Apart Do You Plant Peace Lilies?

It’s really crucial to know how far you should plant your peace lilies.

Actually, it depends on mainly 3 factors such as:

How Far Apart Do You Plant Peace Lilies
  1. Pot size
  2. Plant and root size
  3. Growing condition

Moreover, these factors will vary depending on where you are planting your plants. 

You can plant your peace lily indoors, outdoors, or in the same pot. 

Let’s see where peace lilies need how much distance: 

How Far Apart Do You Plant Peace Lilies Indoors

Peace lilies are mainly indoor plants. Indoors, you can plant your peace lily in the same pot or a different pot.

When you plant in separate pots, you should be spaced approximately 1 to 2 feet apart. 

This spacing allows each plant to receive sufficient light, air circulation, and access to water and nutrients.

If you provide this adequate spacing to your plant, then individual peace lilies can grow and thrive independently. 

Then your peace lily contributes to a healthy and attractive indoor environment. 

How Far Apart Do You Plant Peace Lilies-Outdoor

Though Peace Lilies are indoor plants, you can grow them outdoors as well. Naturally, peace lilies grow in the wild. Some people ask, when can i put my peace lily outside?

When you can’t provide preferable environments indoors, you can put your peace lily outside. 

But if you want to plant them outside, then you have to provide them adequate environment with proper shade. Peace lilies don’t like direct sunlight, as it can scorch their glossy leaves and turn to yellow leaves.

Well, when you plant peace lilies outdoors, the spacing can vary depending on the specific variety and the size of the mature plants. 

How Far Apart Do You Plant Peace Lilies-Outdoor

You can space outdoor peace lilies approximately 1 to 3 feet apart. 

This spacing allows your plants for proper air circulation, reduces competition for resources, and provides room for the plants to spread and grow.

You should consider the specific variety’s growth habits and mature size. Then, you can adjust the spacing accordingly.

How Far Apart Do You Plant Peace Lilies In Pots

When you plant peace lilies in pots, the spacing largely depends on the size of the pots and your peace lily size. 

Peace lilies can grow up to 4 feet tall and wide indoors. Let’s see how to space them in a pot:

  • Small Pots (6 to 8 inches): If you use a small pot, then you should plant only one peace lily per pot. This ensures that your plant has sufficient space for root development.
  • Medium Pots (10 to 12 inches):  For medium-sized pots, you can plant one Peace Lily per pot. Otherwise, consider grouping smaller pots closely together for a decorative arrangement.
  • Large Pots (14 inches and above): Larger pots give you more flexibility. You can plant multiple peace lilies per pot. But make sure spacing of about 1 to 2 feet between each plant.

Peace lilies like to be slightly crowded, but not too much. If the roots of your plants are too dense and tangled, they will not be able to absorb enough water, nutrients, or oxygen from their moist soil. 

However, use a well-draining potting mix and proper drainage holes in the pot. 

Note: If you want to create a more dramatic effect, you can plant your peace lilies closer together but not less than 6 inches apart.

Factors Influencing Plant Spacing

Several factors influence the spacing of your Peace Lilies. Proper spacing is crucial for the overall health and growth of your peace lily plant. 

Factors Influencing Plant Spacing

Now, I will explore some key factors that you should consider: 

  • Mature Size: Different varieties of Peace Lilies can vary in size at maturity. And you should consider the expected size of the specific variety you are planting. Obviously, larger varieties require more space. 
  • Root System: You should provide enough space for roots to spread. This allows for proper nutrient absorption and reduces the risk of root congestion and competition for resources.
  • Light Requirements: Peace Lilies prefer bright, indirect light. Adequate spacing ensures that each plant receives sufficient sunlight.
  • Air Circulation: Proper spacing can promote better air circulation around your peace lilies. Good air movement helps prevent fungal diseases in your plant. 
  • Watering Considerations: Spacing impacts the efficiency of watering. If plants are too close together, it may be challenging to water them evenly.
  • Aesthetic Considerations: Spacing also contributes to the overall visual appeal of your garden or indoor space.

All of these factors can influence the spacing of your peace lily. So, you should understand these factors to solve peace lilies crowded reason. 

Benefits To Give Space To Peace Lilies

You can tell me, why should I maintain this spacing of peace lily? 

Well, giving space to your peace lilies can have several benefits for your plants and your environment. 

Some of the benefits are: 

  • Optimal Growth: Space allows your Peace Lily to develop to its full potential. With sufficient room, your plant can spread its roots, grow more robustly, and achieve its mature size 
  • Air Circulation: Proper spacing enhances air circulation around your peace lily plant. Good airflow helps prevent the development of fungal diseases by reducing humidity.
  • Reduced Competition: Adequate spacing can minimize competition among your neighboring Peace Lilies for essential resources such as sunlight, water, and nutrients.
  • Prevention of Overcrowding: Overcrowding can lead to tangled and congested root systems. Providing space can help to prevent these issues of your plant. 
  • Sunlight Access: Proper spacing ensures that each Peace Lily receives sufficient sunlight. This is crucial for photosynthesis.
  • Easier Maintenance: Well-spaced plants are easier to care for. Pruning, watering, and inspecting for pests or diseases become more manageable when your plant has preferable space. 
  • Reduced Disease Spread: The most important benefit of adequately spaced is the risk of disease spread minimized. Diseases often spread more easily when plants are in close proximity.

 By considering these benefits and providing appropriate spacing for your Peace Lilies, you can create a healthier and more visually pleasing environment for these beautiful plants.

Calculating Peace Lily Spacing Distances

Most of us are wondering about how to calculate the spacing distance for my peace lily. You can easily find out the spacing distance for your peace lily by following the formula: 

Calculating Peace Lily Spacing Distances

Spacing Distance= Number of plants * Spacing factor


  • Number of Plants: The total number of Peace Lilies you plan to plant.
  • Spacing Factor: The recommended spacing between Peace Lilies. This can vary depending on the size of the plants, but a common recommendation is around 1.5 to 2 feet (45 to 60 cm).

For example, you want to plant 5 peace lilies and the spacing factor is 1.5 feet. Then you need 5*1.5= 7.5 feet. 

This means you should allocate approximately 7.5 square feet of space for planting 5 Peace Lilies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Should I Repot Peace Lilies To Provide More Space As They Grow?

Yes, you can report your peace lily as they outgrow their current containers. This helps provide more space for their roots to expand, encourages healthy growth, and prevents the plant from becoming root-bound.

Can I Plant Peace Lilies Near Other Types Of Plants?

Yes, Peace Lilies can be planted near other types of plants, but it’s essential to consider the specific needs of each plant. Peace Lilies thrive in indirect light and well-draining soil, so you should choose companion plants with similar light.

Can I Adjust The Spacing Of Peace Lilies Over Time?

While Peace Lilies prefer to be slightly crowded in their pots, you can adjust their spacing over time by repotting them into larger containers.

What Should I Do If My Peace Lilies Seem Overcrowded?

If your Peace Lilies seem overcrowded, consider repotting them. Choose a larger container with good drainage, and carefully remove the plant from its current pot.

Final Thoughts

You want to get the full benefits of your peace lily plants, but if you don’t know how to take care of them properly, it’s not possible. 

Peace lilies are easy to care for, but they have some requirements for their growth and overall health. And Spacing distance is one of them. 

In a word, spacing of peace lily means the adequate distance between your two peace lily plants. And it’s very crucial for their growth and health. 

If you don’t have space among them, then they will become crowded, which can stun their growth. 

Additionally, it fritters away the appearance of your peace lily. By following the steps that I describe in the article, you can find out proper spacing for your peace lily plant. 

So, apply the formula and enjoy your beautiful, healthy peace lily plants.

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