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When I was in London, I used to decorate my home with indoor plants. I panted some Peace lilies because of their glossy green leaves, beautiful white flowers, and incredible quality of air purification.

How Often Should I Spray My Peace Lily

But as a new plant parent, I didn’t know how often should I spray my peace lily.

One day, I noticed the leaves of the plant were looking wilty and droopy. Also, my Peace lily became more susceptible to pests and diseases.

Then I found these are happening due to lack of humidity.

Spray Peace Lily

You should spray your peace lily several times a week with a spray bottle. It replicates the humidity of the rainforest. In drier conditions, you can spray 2-3 times per week.

In this guide, I will share how much you should spray on your plants when I explore tips for spraying frequency.

What Should I Spray My Peace Lily?

I know that peace lilies don’t need too much care. But I didn’t know that they need some attention to grow well and bloom properly. 

They have some requirements like light, temperature, humidity, soil quality, etc. Adequate sunlight for peace lily plant is needed for their growth. 

While they can thrive in low light conditions, they prefer bright, indirect light and high humidity. 

When I faced some issues, I thought do peace lilies like to be sprayed?

What Should I Spray My Peace Lily

And I found, Yes. It’s very necessary to spray them regularly. 

Because Peace lilies are tropical plants. They are mainly native to the tropical region of the Americas and Southeast Asia. So they need to be sprayed to maintain their environment. 

But the query is, what should I spray?

After some research, I found, that I can spray many things based on their need, such as :

  • Water
  • Insecticidal soap
  • Neem oil
  • Mild Liquid Fertilizer
  • Diluted milk


It’s necessary to keep a balanced humidity level for peace lily. Misting its leaves with water can help replicate the humid environment of tropical rainforests. 

Distilled water or rainwater is best for spraying on peace lilies. Don’t use tap water. It may contain chlorine or other chemicals that can harm your plant.  

Insecticidal Soap

If you notice any pests like spider mites or aphids on your peace lily, you can use insecticidal soap. Make sure to spray both the upper and lower surfaces of the leaves. 

Neem Oil

Neem oil is a best natural insecticide and fungicide. You have to mix neem oil with water according to the instructions on the product and spray it on your peace lily. 

Mild Liquid Fertilizer

During the growing season, like Spring and Summer, you can spray balanced liquid fertilizer. A balanced liquid fertilizer contains nitrogen, potassium, calcium, and other necessary elements. It provides adequate nutrients to your peace lily. Eggshells for peace lily can be used as an alternative to calcium.

Diluted Milk

One day I also used a mixture of water and milk (1 part milk to 9 parts water) as a foliar spray to help prevent powdery mildew on plants. 

Note:  Test any spray on a small, inconspicuous area before using the hole plant. So you can ensure it doesn’t have an adverse reaction.

When Should I Spray My Peace Lily?

Peace lilies are beautiful houseplants. Now, these impressive plants are popular all over the world for their leaves and elegant flowers. 

Spraying on peace lilies is one of the important parts of taking care of them. 

Now, there is no doubt, should I spray my peace lily or not?

But the important fact is when should I spry?

Well, it depends on some factors to know the right time for spraying on them. 

You should consider humidity and soil moisture.

As I said before, peace lily likes high humidity levels. They can thrive in low humidity, but it hampers their proper growth. 

When you see your room temperature is low, you should consider spraying on your plant. 

During dry weather, especially in summer when natural humidity is low, you have to spray your peace lily plants. It will be the alternative to the humid air of rainforest. 

You should also spray your plant in winter when using a room heater. Because it increases room temperature but decreases the humidity. 

On the contrary, some people prefer to spray on soil to prevent waterlogging. Because peace lily likes moist soil, overwatering can be harmful to them.

How Often Should I Spray My Peace Lily?

What comes after learning about the importance of spraying on Peace Lily is how often should i mist my Peace Lily.

There are lots of sources where you will get how often you should water peace lily plants. But no one talks about spraying on peace lily.

Spraying time will depend on what you are spraying on your plant. 

How Often Should I Spray My Peace Lily
  • You can spray water
  • You can spray insecticidal soap
  • You can also spray liquid fertilizers

When Spray Water

You should mist the leaves of your peace lily several times a week. 

Should I mist my peace lily everyday?

Well, it’s not necessary to spray your peace lily plant regularly. I used to spray my peace lily 2-3 times per week.

However, I sprayed too frequently in hot, dry summer seasons. At this time, peace lily doesn’t need proper humidity to grow well. Also, This is their blooming time. 

So, you should spray properly at this time. Spraying the blooms will help them last longer. 

When Spray Insecticidal Soap

We also spray insecticidal soap on our peace lily to control pests. It’s slightly acidic. But don’t worry. Peace lilies are slightly acid-loving plants.

However,  you should spray insecticidal soap only when you find any signs of pests on your plants. 

You can start applying insecticidal soap every 7-10 days. You may need to increase the frequency of applications when you see new pests appearing. 

When Spay Liquid Fertilizers

Well, the frequency of use of liquid fertilizer depends on several factors like type of fertilizer, plant growth stages, and environmental conditions. 

If you are using a balanced liquid fertilizer(10-10-10 NPK formula), you should apply it for 4-6 weeks during the growing seasons. You can reduce the frequency in their slow growth periods, such as winter. 

Factors Influencing Spraying Frequency

Spraying frequency is the number of times a liquid is sprayed over a certain period of time. 

However, various factors influence the spraying frequency of peace lily. 

Some common factors are plant type, growing season, environmental conditions, Soil condition, Pest or disease severity, and fertilizer type. 

Let’s understand, how they influence praying frequency:

  • Plant type: Different plant species’ spraying frequency is different. Because they have different growth rates, nutrient requirements, and susceptibility to pests and diseases. For example, spraying on peace lilies and true lilies is not the same. 
  • Growing season: Plants have different growth patterns during various seasons. You should do it more frequently during their growing seasons and less in dormant periods. 
  • Environmental condition: Environments have a great influence on spraying frequency. For example, the temperature and humidity levels of America and London are different. Peace lilies like high humidity levels. So if your your room humidity is low then you have to spray more frequently. 
  • Soil condition: The health of the soil can also affect this process. Excess water can harm your plant. It can lead to root rot. So, you shouldn’t spray when they have enough water in the soil. Excess  
  • Pest or disease severity: The presence of pests or diseases can influence the frequency of spraying. If plants are affected by infestation, more frequent application may be necessary initially. 
  • Fertilizer type: If you want to spray fertilizer on your plant, you should consider following the instructions on the packaging.

It’s important to know the spraying frequency and its factors. Too much and too little spraying both can be harmful to your plant. 

How Much Should I Spray On Peace Lily? 

Peace lilies are impressive houseplants. And I know how often I should spray my peace lily indoors. 

But if I don’t know how much I should spray on my peace lily, I can’t help them through spraying. Moreover, if I cannot maintain the ratio of chemicals, then it can be harmful for my plant’s health.

So, checkout the table to learn proper ratio of spray: 

Chemical nameRatioExplanation
Insecticidal soap1:50To1:1001 part of concentrated insecticidal soap mixed with 50 to 100 parts of water.
Neem oil1:20To1:50Mix 1 part neem oil to 20 to 50 parts water
Fungicide1:20To1:50Mix 1 part neem oil to 20 to 50 parts water
Liquid fertilizer1:100To1:1000It means in one drop of fertilizer add 100 to 1000 drops of water based on the type of fertilizers. 

Remember to follow the instructions for the specific spray you are using. 

How To Spray On My Peace Lily?

Now I will share my strategy for how I spray on my peace lily. To do this properly I followed some steps:

How To Spray On My Peace Lily
  • Choose the right time: I used to spray in the morning or evening when average temperatures were cooler. This helps to prevent stress on the plant.
  •  Gather supplies: I collected all the necessary supplies. There was a spray solution, a clean spray bottle, and some personal protective equipment. 
  • Prepare the solution: The most important part is making the solution. I always read the instructions before preparing it.  
  • Thoroughly spray on the plant: Every time I sprayed the entire plant with the backside of the leaves. Because many pests hide on the underside of the leaves. 

Proper spraying can help your plants to clean dust and dirt. It also helps flowers on a peace lily last long.

Keep an eye on Peace Lily following the days for any changes in pest activity, disease symptoms, or the plant’s overall health. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How Often Should I Water My Peace Lily?

Generally, Peace Lily needs water once a week. But it depends on several factors like the size of the plant, soil moisture, temperature, and humidity. It would be better if you checked the soil before watering. 

Can Peace Lilies Survive In Low Light Conditions?

Yes, peace lilies can survive in low-light conditions. Peace lilies prefer bright, indirect sunlight. In low light, peace lilies per pot can survive and flourish.

What Should I Do If My Peace Lily Leaves Turn Brown?

If your peace lilies leaves turn brown, then you should take some initiative, such as trying to adjust your watering schedule, moving the plant to a brighter location, or making sure it’s not in the path of any cold air.

Can I Keep My Peace Lily In A Bathroom?

Yes, you can keep your peace lily in a bathroom. In fact, it can be a great idea. Because peace lilies always prefer high humidity and bright indirect light. A bathroom can always consist of high humidity and stable temperature. 


It’s crucial to know how often should I spray my peace lily indoors

for their adequate growth and overall health. It can replicate the humidity of the rainforest.  

You can spray many things on your peace lily plant depending on their needs, such as water, liquid fertilizers, insecticidal soap, diluted milk, etc. 

You should keep in mind that, It could harm your peace lily plant if you spray too little or too much. 

So, follow the tips and tricks which I explained in the article. It will help you to get the xtreme beauty and health benefits of peace lilies. 

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