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I recently brought a peace lily home and planted it in the corner. And my toddler really loves it and plays with it every now and then. However, suddenly, one of my babies started to act really strange. She was vomiting all of a sudden and looked really numb. So, I had to rush to the hospital, and the doctor checked her out, and I told him the situation. He looked tensed and said,

You didn’t know about peace lily toxicity? You baby get poisoned with peace lily. I panicked and asked what to do if the baby ate Peace Lily. He calmly said no worries, there is a way for this.

What To Do If Baby Eats Peace Lily

And then I asked Is Spathiphyllum safe for babies? how I knew my baby got poised from Peace Lily or not. The doctor said there were some symptoms. Let’s talk about this.

Main Facts:

Symptoms Of Peace Lily Poisoning In Babies 

Peace lily is the most common houseplant. But is peace lily toxic to babies? The doctor said, unfortunately, yes. Ans there are serval ways to identify if the baby was poisoned with a peace lily or not. Such as:

Symptoms Of Peace Lily Poisoning In Babies
  • The baby eats or gets skin contact peace lily and could show many bad signs. Like mouth, tongue, mucous membrane, lips hurt, get big or red.
  • They might throw up or feel like throwing up a lot.
  • Swallowing might be hard.
  • Excessive drooling, maybe even choking. Just like Peace Lily looks droopy sometimes.
  • The digestive tract can cause poop could get watery.
  • They might feel super tired and weak. Also, they may have irregular heartbeat.
  • Acting weird, like being cranky, upset or  adverse reactions.
  • If you think they ate peace lily and act like this, get help ASAP. Call Poison Control or go to the ER.

If you see those symptoms, then you have a peaceful lily-poisoned baby!

 How Quickly Do Symptoms Typically Appear After Ingestion?

Now you have a clear idea of are peace lilies poisonous to babies, let alone the symptoms. But how long does it take to show symptoms? So, if a baby munches on a peace lily, symptoms usually pop up pretty fast, within a few minutes to a couple of hours to come out allergic reactions. It depends on stuff like how much they ate, how sensitive they are to the toxins, and how healthy they are overall. Also, the baby’s age matters a lot. If your baby is 1-2 years, then she may get a reaction quicker than 1 to 5 years old.

What To Do If Baby Eats Peace Lily?

I asked, okay, what do I do after I identify? What to do if baby eats peace lily while waiting for medical help?


Well, getting medical help is a must in this scenario; however, if your baby’s condition is worse, then you can do-

What To Do If Baby Eats Peace Lily.
  • Stay calm: Panicking won’t help. Take a deep breath and focus on taking action.
  • Remove any plant material: If you see any remaining parts of the plant in the baby’s mouth, carefully remove them to prevent further oral irritation.
  • Offer water: Give the baby a small amount of water to help dilute any toxins that may have been ingested. Don’t force them to cool drink if they are vomiting or having difficulty swallowing.
  • Contact Poison Control: If possible, call Poison Control (in the US, the number is 1-800-222-1222) for guidance. They can provide advice on what to do next and may be able to offer additional assistance.
  • Seek medical attention as soon as possible: If the baby shows any severe poisoning or if you’re unsure about their condition, it’s important to seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Parts Of Peace Lily Poisonous To Babies

So, doctor, Are peace lilies poisonous to animals or children?? Umm, not the peace lily is toxic. It is the part of it which are toxic. 

So, basically, the peace lily has this stuff called calcium oxalate crystals, which are kind of like its poison. These crystals are in every part of the plant, but the leaves and stems have the most. So, here’s the deal:

Parts Of Peace Lily Poisonous To Babies
  • Leaves: Big, shiny leaves with lots of pesky crystals that can make babies sick if they eat them. And every type of true lily is kinda toxic.
  • Stems: Just like the leaves, these stems have those mean crystals, too. So, no chewing on those either.
  • Flowers: Yeah, even the pretty white flowers aren’t safe. They have some of those annoying crystals, too, but less than the leaves and stems.
  • Roots: Babies won’t get to these much, but they’ve got those not-so-friendly crystals, too. This causes allergic dermatitis in baby skin.

Remember, keep all parts of the peace lily away from babies. And if they do get into it, get help right away. Safety first!

How To Keep Baby Away From Peace Lily?

Okay, so doctor, now that my baby is kinda, what should I do with Peace Lily? Should i throw it away?

-no, why would you do that? You can take steps to keep your baby away from Peace Lily.

How To Keep Baby Away From Peace Lily

Place the Peace Lily Out of Reach

So, to keep those little adventurers away from peace lilies; you gotta be sneaky. First, put them up high on shelves or in hanging baskets where babies can’t reach. Just make sure those shelves are really secure, so they don’t come crashing down. 

Another trick is to slap up some baby gates to block off any areas where those plants are lurking. And hey, why not make a special zone in your house just for grown-up plants? Use more baby gates or barriers to keep the babies out of there. Safety first, right?

Create Physical Barriers

So, if you wanna keep your little explorers away from peace lilies, you can try a few things. First, stick them in plant stands with lids to keep them locked up tight. Or stash them in cabinets with those tricky locks that babies can’t open.

Another idea is to show them off in fancy glass containers or terrariums where babies can’t get their hands on them. That way, they stay safe, and you still get to enjoy their pretty looks. Easy peasy!

Distract and Redirect

If those barriers aren’t enough to stop you, baby. Then, here’s how to keep your little one away from those sneaky peace lilies:

Interactive Toys: Give them fun toys and stuff to play with so they won’t even think about messing with the plants. Keep them entertained, and they’ll leave the lilies alone.

Designated Play Areas: Make special spots in your home just for playtime. Fill them up with toys and games that your baby loves, and they’ll be too busy having fun to bother with the plants.

Safe Exploration: Let your baby roam free in safe zones where there are no plants to worry about. They can crawl around and explore to their heart’s content without any danger.

Use Natural Deterrents

Alright, if you wanna keep those little adventurers away from the peace lilies, here’s a trick or two: Place citrus peels, coffee grounds, or vinegar near the plants. Those strong smells will make the babies think twice about getting too close. Sprinkle stuff like cinnamon or garlic powder around the base of the plant. It’ll make the area less inviting for curious explorers. Cover the soil around the peace lilies with rough gravel or cool-looking rocks. Crawling babies won’t like the feel of it, so they’ll stay away.

Modify Plant Placement

If all those aren’t working then you gotta be smart now. You need to play hide and seek with your baby. You can change the placement of the peace lily. For intense:

  • Rotate Plant Locations: Regularly rotate the placement of peace lilies within your home to keep them out of the baby’s sight and reach of this  poisonous plants.
  • Outdoor Placement: If possible, relocate peace lilies to outdoor areas such as balconies or patios where the baby does not have access.
  • Vertical Gardens: Grow peace lilies in vertical gardens or wall-mounted planters to keep them off the ground and away from exploring hands.

If you can Implement these ideas can help create a safer environment for your baby, minimizing the risk of exposure to toxic plants like peace lilies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Spathiphyllum Safe For Babies?

Spathiphyllum, commonly known as peace lily, is considered toxic to babies and young children if ingested. All parts of the plant contain calcium oxalate crystals, which can cause irritation and poisoning symptoms if consumed.

Are House Plants Poisonous To Babies?

Some houseplants can be poisonous plantsto babies if ingested or if they come into contact with their skin or mucous membranes. Plants such as peace lilies, pothos, philodendrons, and dieffenbachia contain toxins that can irritate and symptoms if ingested.

What Alternative Of Peace Lily?

An alternative to the peace lily for households with babies is to opt for plants that are non-toxic and safe for children. Spider plants, palms, and Boston ferns are excellent choices as they add greenery to the home without posing a risk to little ones.

Are White Lilies Poisonous To Babies?

Yes, white lilies can be poisonous to children if they eat certain parts or varieties. Most types of lilies, such as Easter, Stargazers, Asiatic, and Tiger lilies, can cause a mild reaction to children. 

Closing in

So, to wrap it up on what to do if baby eats peace lily. Keeping your baby away from peace lilies is super important ’cause those plants can be really toxic. But don’t worry, there are plenty of tricks you can try to keep your little one safe. From putting them up high to using stinky stuff to deter them, there’s something for everyone. Just remember to stay vigilant and keep an eye on your baby at all times. With a little bit of effort, you can create a safe and happy environment for your little explorer!

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